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Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of questions we are most frequently asked if you don't find your question answered on this page, please contact us.

Do you cover my area?

I’m the Traditional Painter for North Wales, West Cheshire and Wirral. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

How do I obtain a quote?

Due to the large area which I cover I am unable to get to see everyone from an initial enquiry. Therefore I kindly ask for photographs of the kitchen layout, showing all cabinets to be painted, and any damaged areas to be emailed over to me. Once received I will aim to have a no obligation quotation to you within 24 hours. Please remember to include contact details postal address etc.

Prior to work commencing what do I have to do?

All I ask is that all drawers are emptied, work surfaces cleared and any display cabinets emptied.

Do you fit new handles?

Simple answer - yes.
There would be no additional cost for fitting like for like handles, however a small additional cost would be incurred if new holes need to be drilled, this would be dependent on the style of the handles.

Choosing a colour!

I have a large colour swatch range for the paint brand that I use, I would leave them with you to peruse, there are a lot to choose from - you may be spoilt for choice!

Can my kitchen be painted?

The short answer is Yes. With the advance of modern materials available most kitchens can be painted.

Will there be much disruption during the process?

I minimise the amount of time which I spend on site as everything that can be removed will be taken to my unit for prep and painting.

Do you spray kitchens?

Yes, I normally spray melamine and foil wrapped kitchens, and I will spray a wooden kitchen if a client specifically request it.